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Here at WSRUC, we understand that introducing COVID-19 safe practices was an imperative and mandatory step we needed to take in order for everyone to keep participating in rugby union in the foreseeable future. It is for this reason that WSRUC is enforcing a current COVID-19 safe plan in line with the current recommended guidelines put in place by the Queensland Government.

The current COVID-19 practices being enforced at our bi-weekly training sessions consist of sign-in/sign-out sheets, mandatory use of hand sanitizer, equipment sanitation, and social distancing rules where applicable. The Townsville District Rugby Union (TDRU) are also enforcing similar mandatory COVID-19 safe practices at Mike Carney Toyota Park where the majority of our games take place.

Please remember that if you are feeling unwell it is vital that you stay home from training and games until your symptoms have resolved. You can always watch our games on our YouTube channel from home!

If you have any questions pertaining to the practices we have put in place please reach out to us.

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